CELESTIAL and the hills of CLOVELLY

Run : 2315


Location : CLOVELLY


This run focusing more on the hilly backstreets rather than the clichéd coasty bits. 

Although there were brief glimpses of coasty bits at the start around Gordons Bay, and the finish through Clovelly Beach, the real theme of this run was to go up, and up, and up, followed by down, and down, and down.  

So the 6Km route was basically south around Gordon’s Bay; and up to Carrington Road via, Kildair Lane, Beach, Quail and Division Streets, and then back down to Clovelly Beach via Douglas, Varna, Boundary Streets Street.  
As apparently per-normal Hashers appeared en-mass six minutes before the start.   A few last-minuters and late comers: Tripod; Grange, Mother, Chimney, .   Nympho.  

Expectation was the that this route with an elevation change of over 90meters would test the stamina of runners and walkers alike.
 Instead the hard-core comprising, BeJeesus, Starboard, Norman(yet-to-be-named), Outer, followed by Afterbirth, and others made a mockery of the running route by completing it in less than 40 minutes with their hair barely mussed !!

The walkers also seemed to take delight in the cool conditions to devour the elevation around the route. 
Honourable mention to Platapussy; Twin Dicks, Colonoscopy ( on time / on target),  Mother, Chimney, Impy, Grange and Nympho. And, of course, to her royal self “Lady Di”.

Down Downs:   Impy; Starboard; Norman-yet-to-be-named; Celestial

Grange regaled us with his story about an ex-brothel parrot, and new-madam, new-girls, and Keith.

Afterbirth did a show’n’tell about his knee supports from Amazon that have enabled him to be competitive in half-marathons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. And to emphasize this he gave us a rendition of “Knees Up Mother Brown”  while leaping into the air .

For the On-On at Clovelly Hotel we were positioned in the middle of the bar, rather than bistro, amongst the cacophony of intoxicated youth whom I now realize appear to be there every night of the week. 

There were a few late comers : Tripod; Grange,  Chimney, Mother and Nympho