Run  No.:            2396

At :                     Nth Sydney

ON Inn :              Nth Sydney Hotel (Percy’s)

Hare :                  Venerable

18th June 2024 Venerable’s 3D Magical Mystery Tour of North Sydney.

At 6.30pm sharp, Meknob led the rampaging pack down Elliot St to the first of nine on-backs on the run..

Walkers Bristle, Platterpusy, Frankly and Siberia were last seen heading down Walker St with Laundromat sweeping up in the rear. Sunbeam did a great job keeping the pack together, leading them to their first check on the roof of Ward St car park.

 Outtabounds who knew the car park well, was first to lead the pack down the fire stairs to the Berry St exit.

Fetchit had the misfortune of running up a four level staircase with an OnBack at the top.

The second check was located under the new Coca-Cola building next to Poetica Bar & Grill, one of my favourites. This is where the fun begins. Turning right, turning left, up stairs through Glorietta cocktail bar, then down stairs. Over Mount St upstairs then onto the footbridge over Pacific highway to an OnBack. Down stairs, then up stairs, turning right then turning left and through a second cocktail bar. Nice looking Margaritas.  Oh what fun.

 Arriving at the second car park climbing under the draw gate, the pack descended to the bowels of the building where the fourth check was located. Through the fire exit door. Up Arthur St to Mount St & over Warringah expressway to the runners walker split.

The pack stayed together, with the walkers & runners passing each other regularly, due to the many OnBacks.

 Lady Di, Phantom, Brengun, Pretzel, Colonoscopy, Twin Dicks, Candlesticks& Cultured were On up Alfred St North & over Ridge St overpass to the bucket.        

Most of the Pack arrived at the bucket in 57 minites. Arriving 20 minutes late were Mother & Dances with trees  who got lost in the bowels of a car park building??


Platterpusy, Ollie & I had a lot of fun reccying this run. In fact the last several weeks we had  made it a weekend ritual of walking our dog  Ollie to Lavinder bay for breakfast at Bistro Lou Lou. Checking out all the allies stairwells underground car parks of North Sydney on the way. We hope you liked it to.

On On Venerable.