Advice to Hares for winter runs and home on on’s

As numbers are expected to be lower over the Winter months, where possible runs should be set close to train stations or public transport. With the likelihood of only a few runners, best to avoid checks unless you set them early on for the walkers.

If you select an unlicenced OnOn, you need to inform the committee or at least the GM, Beer Meister and Hash Cash in advance so that fees can be determined in advance as well as the provision of additional alcohol. You also need to ascertain the corkage for both beer and wine.

If you would like to have the OnOn at your residence, this will be supported but again the GM, Beer Meister and Hash Cash need to know in advance.  $10-$15 per head for food Is suggested with an additional flat $10 fee from all members and guests for drinks. This would mean A $25 charge for food and drinks with the addition of the usual bucket fees for non members.