Sydney South Hash House Harriers Larrikins Larrikins drink in the Blue Mountains golf and Brewerys

Larrikins drink in the Blue Mountains golf and Brewerys

Golf Friday (by BeJesus)

Six budding or not so budding golfers fronted up for the Larrikins golf at Blackheath. A fourball with Afterbirth, Bejesus with wives Sue and Deborah started play with Laundromat and Stretch playing behind.

The crowds were out in force with Fetchit, Frankly, and No Knickers able to walk with the players. The climax came on the last hole with an illegal six players teeing off for the Larrikins golf trophy.

After everyone had played multiple shots, no one had put the ball in the hole and no one was game to claim victory. Afterbirth then announced that the putting would decide the winner – seeking to gain advantage as his ball was closest – but this was not surprising after he had played15 shots so far to place him within the final putt (he missed).

His proposal was quickly overruled and the challenge then moved to the practice putting green. It was all on the first putt but unfortunately several players ended up off the green and were effectively out of the game. However, Sue was able to get her first putt reasonably close, then sunk the second to claim the illustrious trophy.

Friday Dinner and Karaoke (by Fetchit)

Returning to what promised to be a lively evening in Gardners Inn, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. The day had started with an exhilarating round of golf, leaving everyone in high spirits. Jukebox had just arrived by train from Lithgow, joining the group for what promised to be an unforgettable night.

As the group gathered in the bar, the last of the Larrikins, BeJesus, made his grand entrance. With everyone together, we moved to the bistro, eager for a highly anticipated meal. The server, however, had a peculiar request: all ten of us had to order before sending anything to the kitchen. Once all the meals were chosen, we made sure to let the server know our order was complete.

An hour passed, and the group noticed that everyone else seemed to be enjoying their meals except for us!

Laundromat took it upon himself to check on the order, only to discover that it had never been sent to the kitchen! In an attempt to make amends, the server offered a bowl of hot chips and onion rings. But it was an outraged Afterbirth who stepped in, having a quiet word with the staff and returning triumphantly with a complementary bottle of red wine.

With dinner finally served and enjoyed, the stage was set for karaoke. BeJesus surprised everyone with a spirited rendition of a Neil Diamond classic. Jukebox took the stage next, delivering a memorable performance of “House of the Rising Sun,” though his attempt at “Stairway to Heaven” left something to be desired – perhaps he should stick to drinking and being grumpy!

The night’s finale came from Afterbirth and his wife Sue, who delighted everyone with a heartfelt duet before bidding the group goodnight.

And so, under the glow of the pub’s lights and the cheers of their friends, the assembled group of adventurous Larrikins and partners enjoyed an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. It was a night to remember, proving once again that the best memories are made with great company.

The Brewery Tour (by Chimney)

I arrived at Blackheath at 11am on what was a perfect Spring morning.

Hadn’t realized that 6 of the previous day’s 10 attendees had already returned to Sydney: they’d been up on Friday and had participated in golf, and then, I understand, karaoke at the pub: I think it’s probably a small mercy that I missed the rendition by Peter Robert Ridgway, aka ‘Jukebox’, of ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

That said, Jukie was amongst the small group of 4 Larrikins who’d remained in Blackheath for a second night, with whom I’ve just spent a very enjoyable 24 hours, with the other 3 being Peter Feehan, aka ‘Laundromat’, Nigel Bland, aka ‘Fetchit’, and fellow current committee member Fifi Diamond, aka ‘Frankly’.

Sorry to have missed you, ‘Afterbirth’ & Missus, ‘Bejayzus’ & Missus, and ‘Stretch’ & Missus, but glad you made it up to the mountains nonetheless.

Not long after my arrival in Blackheath it was back onto a train to travel to ‘Valley Heights’, the site of the excellent intimate Brew Mountains Brewery, where a number of delightful ales were sampled, in mellow surrounds, accompanied by a (not-very-good-for-the-waistline) ‘Bogan Burger & Chips’, which nonetheless did the job.!

It’s as well that all 5 of us qualify for the NSW Senior Opal Card as it meant that all the various rail trips yesterday were capped at a total of $2.50pp: in my case yesterday that amounted to one bus/train replacement, and 5 train journeys, and what excellent value that is!

The next brewery, in Katoomba, was the Mountain Culture Brewery, where once again some excellent ales were sampled, along with others sampled at 2 other establishments in town. A quick sticky beak in the venerable old Carrington Hotel took place without alcohol consumption being involved, lol, and clearly merits further investigation on a future visit.

Once back in Blackheath it was on down to a very popular Thai restaurant in what must’ve once been the sitting room of a private house, followed by a bit of listening to a local muso and fraternizing with some locals in the front bar at the Gardners Inn, before crashing in my compact but comfy guest room upstairs.

All in all a very enjoyable day in a beaut part of the state, in great company, sampling fine beer and enjoying some fresh mountain air.

On On, and thanks for arranging it all, Frankly!

Larrikins Long Weekend in the Blue Mountains: Sunday. (by Chimney)

Having sensibly packed a supply of Beroccas for the trip, it only took a good hearty ‘Mountain Breakfast’ at the Victory Cafe, in the company of Laundro and Jukie in a converted old cinema, along with a strong coffee, to restore a few brain cells and set one up nicely for exploring the Blackheath Growers Market, just a few steps along Blackheath’s main drag from the hotel.

Laundro returned to town before the market visit, but Frankly and Fetchit led the way, having arisen later than the 3 of us, and a tad late for breakfast.

Didn’t buy anything, despite the loud exhortation (not just to me, but to the world at large) from a Gallic-attired French vendor to “Try my big sausage. Everyone loves by beeeg sausage”(!), and am wondering how the sales might have been today for the couple selling and demonstrating knife-sharpening equipment, given the tragic events that had taken place yesterday in Bondi Westfield Shopping Centre, which are unsurprisingly dominating the news stories in NSW today.

Took my leave of the others at about 11.15 am to catch the train back into town, on which this round-up of the weekend’s events has been composed.

On On Chimney

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